“Through CEUS, my life has changed”

S.C.R., a bank teller born in Ecuador, shares her story:

"I met my husband, an American citizen, in Ecuador in 2012, when he was on vacation with his family. We  got married in June 2015. My husband was a member of the United States Armed Forces, based in Germany.

When I was 7 months pregnant, I traveled to Germany to live with my husband. At first, he seemed very happy that we were together and expecting a son. But soon, he started behaving strangely, drinking heavily and abusing me. When my contractions started, he did not want to take me to the hospital; instead, a neighbor took me. After our son was born, my husband showed up at the hospital and seemed very happy. 


But the happy days did not last long. My husband began to go out at night to hang out with other women and his friends, leaving me at home with our son. He began hitting me in the face and body. I told my parents about the mistreatment, and my mother traveled from Ecuador to Germany to help me get out of this situation and come to the United States with my son, who is an American citizen.

A friend told me that Centro Comunitario CEUS might be able to assist with my immigration case, as well as help me find psychological help to recover from the abuse. 

I am very grateful that, through CEUS, I managed to obtain my permanent resident status and a work permit. My life has changed: I got a better job, I feel safer and I am able to give more attention to my son. 

CEUS is my second home. They have helped me, and not only with my legal case; they have directed me to resources to help me empower myself and my son."

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