From Gang Violence to Legal Status

CEUS helped Elba to work legally and to obtain political asylum after she fled threats from gang members in El Salvador.

"Since my family escaped gang violence in El Salvador, CEUS has helped my teenage son gain asylum and helped me get a work permit, find a job, connect to social services, obtain a driver’s license, file income taxes, and apply for immigration relief. They're always willing to help. When I had trouble paying for my legal case, they were understanding and set up a payment plan. 

 I was working in a clothing factory, but it closed March 11 because of COVID-19. I'm trying to apply for other jobs, but I’m scared to leave my house because I don’t know what would happen if I get sick. I don’t have health insurance and since I am a single mother, my young children depend on me."


Pictured: Elba and her three children at CEUS Community Center

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