Organizing the Fight for Legal Status

CEUS represented Beatriz in her successful application for a US work permit under the now-canceled Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program. Beatriz, below, marches with CEUS in support of the TPS program Sept 2019.


“My husband and I left El Salvador, where I worked in my family’s appliance business, in 1991, after our home was burned during the civil war. Everyone fled from our area. In the U.S., I worked cleaning houses and my husband got a job as a janitor in an apartment building. In 2001, CEUS helped us to gain legal status under the TPS program, enabling us to work legally in the US. I have been a member of the organization for 15 years. CEUS has given us a sense of community, through cultural arts performances and holiday parties, and taught us how the immigration laws work. Now that the current administration has ordered an end to TPS, I am a leader in the New Jersey branch of the national alliance to push for legal residence for TPS-class immigrants.Through CEUS, I have learned how to involve more people, and organize them, as we fight to make sure that families aren’t separated because of an end to TPS."

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